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After two years teaching at undergraduate level Alex Graef and I were invited to run Diploma studio 5 at LSBU. We were both enthusiastic about the challenge and picked a site that is located in Beirut, a city with enormous cultural inheritance and architectural possibilities. Studio 5 reloaded the 1960′s spiritually when groups such as the Metabolist, Archigram and Superstudio challenged the dogmatic approaches of the Modernist Avant-garde.

Yesterday’s end of year exhibition transformed the student union base into a pool of architectural diversity. It was here where South Bank genuinely represented all year courses at the same time and in the same hall, following in the footsteps of all great architecture schools. At ground floor level, the postgraduates flexed their muscles, at times brilliantly, both on a digital and analogue platform. The design works of the undergraduate troop populated the mezzanine level – including an impromptu bar.

To our delight, one of our students – Hollie Barker – won the Student Award Of Excellence 2013 awarded by SLSA South London Society of Architects and RIBA South London Branch.