Lisbon Triennale, Terra


Lisbon Triennale 2022


Shortlisted. The work will be exhibited for the Universities Award Competition of the 6th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2022, TERRA.

Reactivate abandoned Landscapes

My practice FELT architecture, design and research engages in a community-led initiative in Embd, Valais. Switzerland, a village 1450m above sea level. We are proposing a strategy to reactivate abandoned landscapes and building structures in collaboration with the local community, fabricators and the planning authority.

We are strongly invested in participatory design principles, advocating collaborative work, local material sourcing and innovative construction methodologies that are sustainable and address whole life approaches and circular economy. The purpose of this initiative is to champion creative Entrepreneurialism that will meet the Net Zero Carbon 2030 Strategy and reverse the trend to abandon these landscapes in place of the urban pull.

 London, UK
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