UCL, the Bartlett - BSc_Y2+Y3_UG6





Stefan Lengen & Ben Spong

This year UG06 will explore the notion of ‘calibrating’ and continue our interest in the latent qualities of rural and urban landscapes. We pursue architectures as ‘tuning instruments’: tuning is experimenting, maintaining, innovating, embracing transition and transformation.

To calibrate is to position and adjust relative to an-other. Processes of calibration are often reductive in nature, tending towards minimising the difference between

participants in exchange for mechanical or empirical certainty. Such reduction has extreme utility in the sciences but undermines the radical potential for calibration within architecture. UG06 will explore such capacities through experimental tactics that aim to maintain the difference empiricism would do without - a place for archi­tecture to act.

We see the act of calibrating as a design method for constructing new spatial possi­bilities between landscape and proposition. We will encourage site-specific calibra­tions and collaborations tuned to the sensibilities and localities of place; Productive architectures that listen and work with landscapes rather than fight the inevitability.

of time.

 London, UK
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