UCL, the Bartlett - BSc_Y2+Y3_UG6





Stefan Lengen & Ben Spong

Last year we looked at ‘calibrating’ and encouraged the production of experimental practices and individual design methodologies that formed the basis of our architectures. UG6 continues to develop experimental approaches that draw out the potential and pleasure in worlds on the edge of architecture’s traditional sphere of concern and study our fascination between landscapes and architectures.

This year we will explore the notion of ‘registration’, an idea present in all stages of architectural production. Surveyors use markers to align and cross-reference data, and manufacturers use methods such as scraping to determine the accuracy of made parts. While we recognise the utility of these methods, we sense that some of the more pleasurable and unique aspects of registration have been overlooked and will spend the year drawing them out.

We will begin the year with the construction of an apparatus, that registers a spatial, temporal, or environmental phenomenon within Epping Forest our site for the year. Our registers will enable us to design architectures of critical observation and speculative interjection that sensitively and confidently address our ecological condition.

Our field trip is to Copenhagen and Aarhus. We will explore a range of buildings of interest to us and visit advanced manufacturing facilities, architecture practices and research institute.

 London, UK
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