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M.Ach Y4 Architecture_ Design Realisation Module


This module provides the opportunity for students to consider how buildings are designed, constructed and delivered. Students will be asked to reflect upon their relationship to technology, the environment and the profession. This will be explored through an iterative critical examination of the major building design project taught within the context of individual design units. Experimentation and innovation are encouraged and evidenced through iterative drawings, models, diagrams, animations. This module is supported by a dedicated lecture series, seminars and cross unit reviews (open juries/ forums), with each design unit being supported by a dedicated practice-based tutor.

Throughout the MArch programme, a professional way of thinking and acting is expected, be it through the development of briefs, the identification of problems or dealings with outside consultants. Students taking this module will gain advanced understanding and abilities in: planning, financial contexts of work, procurement, contracts and contractors, structural - and environmental design strategies, fire safe design strategies, cost engineering, risks and difficulties in construction and the delivering of a major building within a site. They will learn about how projects are run in a design office and have an advanced understanding of the contractual relationship with clients and stake holders.

This module will also expose students to a range of technical and scientific issues that affect design, and to encourage general reading in this area. It will help to ensure that a student’s design work incorporates an appropriate understanding of technical and scientific principles. It will ensure that students understand how to work with technical experts in a professional manner help students understand and demonstrate the iterative nature of design, as material - and environmental investigations are taken into account.

What students learn from this module should be synthesised into their final design project which is taken in their second year.


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